Dana White And Vince McMahon Working Together Would Mean Millions For Both WWE And The UFC

With all due respect to John Cena, Brock Lesnar is the best draw in American Professional Wrestling today. There is something special about Brock, an air of legitimacy, that has proven to be impossible to duplicate. Were it possible, surely WWE, with its millions of dollars and Grade A training facilities and scouting, would have found a way to manufacture another Brock. That’s just the thing, though, isn’t it? What makes Brock such a draw is that you can’t manufacture him. Lesnar elicits the reactions he gets by simply being him: a big, bad ass dude, seemingly indifferent to just about anything other than domination. His time in the UFC only added to his credibility, and with Lesnar nearing the end of his current contract with WWE, many are speculating Brock might be angling at one more run with the Mixed Martial Arts juggernaut. My question is, simply, why can’t he do both?

NJPW's Wrestle Kingdom 9 Reminds Fans Worldwide That Pro Wrestling Can Still Thrive In A Sports Entertainment-Dominant Industry

Some of you youngbloods might not be able to relate to this just yet, but one of the really nice things about getting older is the realization that the opinions of others just don’t really matter all that much. You’ll know you’ve finally reached that point in your life when the ability to put your heart out there for the world to see overrides your need to come off as ‘cool’ to a bunch of complete strangers. This article may well end up being a whole lot of exactly that, because there’s a very real possibility the love I’m about to profess for Professional Wrestling will come off as completely corny to a segment of you still more interested in snark than content. That’s perfectly fine; I thank you for reading all the same.

A Return To Goldust's Vicious Heel Ways Would Make Cody Rhodes A Main Event Star

The Rhodes brothers are an extremely talented duo. For the better part of a year, they’ve put together quality tag match after quality tag match, even holding the WWE Tag Team Titles for 3 ½ months. Cody has continually impressed with his smoothe in-ring style, while Goldust has seemingly turned back the hands of time and recaptured a great deal of the skill and charisma he displayed during his peak years of the Attitude Era. They’ve had a very nice run together, but it is a run that appears to be nearing an end. Recent struggles would seem to indicate some sort of a heel turn in the not-so-distant future, with Cody Rhodes being the obvious choice for the turn. Cody has previously enjoyed successful runs as a heel for the better part of his WWE career, first with Legacy, then solo, then as a member of The Rhodes Scholars. So, why am I not the least bit excited at the possibility of another heel turn?

The Streak Is Done, But Undertaker's Legend Remains Fully Intact

Emotions are running rampant post-WrestleMania, fueled largely by two men: Daniel Bryan and The Undertaker. Bryan deserves as much praise as you'd like to dish out to him, but this article will be dedicated to Undertaker and all he's meant and will continue to mean to Professional Wrestling.

Sand And Suicide Showers: Using Nostalgia To Learn How To Live Again

“It isn't necessary to imagine the world ending in fire or ice -- there are two other possibilities: one is paperwork, and the other is nostalgia.” - Frank Zappa

For those of you who check in each week to read up on whatever random Professional Wrestling topic I’ve decided to tackle, you’re just gonna have to exhibit a little bit more patience with me. I may well find a way to tie some of this into a bit of wrestling, but I’m really just gonna go free flow this week and see where it takes me. Reason being, I just returned from a two week trip back to my homeland, the beautiful Costa Rica, where I’ve spent various parts of 10 years of my life and rarely had a bad day.

Gone Fishin'

I'm on my way to Costa Rica to see a bunch of old friends, so no new post this week, folks. If you're itching to read a little something, check out an article I did on Americans wrestling in Japan.

Many American Pro Wrestlers Looking To The Far East To Rediscover What They Love About Their Business

See you on January 12th.


Today's Wrestling Bad Guys Could Learn A Lot From Larry Zbyszko

I absolutely loathed “The Living Legend” Larry Zbyszko when I was a kid. He was smug, a braggart, cheated each and every time the opportunity presented itself, and topped it all off by seemingly never running out of obnoxious things to say. In short, what I’m trying to say is, he was one of the the single greatest wrestling Heels in the history of ever, and doesn’t get nearly enough credit for just how good he truly was. I’ve been watching Professional Wrestling for close to 30 years, and during that time, I’ve seen few wrestlers I’ve more wanted to choke than Larry Zbyszko. If only more of today’s wrestlers were willing to go that extra mile at being a Heel, efforting at being legitimately hated, the business as a whole could possibly reclaim a bit of what’s been lost since society decided it was cooler to be a jerk than to be a superhero.

Has TNA Actually Found A Way To Take Advantage Of The WWE Performance Center?

Though the true level at which Impact Wrestling’s finances currently reside is known by few, there is no doubt the company is at least a little strapped for cash. Despite their claims to the contrary, I can think of no other reason for allowing the likes of A.J. Styles and Hulk Hogan to walk out the door, unless the company is playing the odds that WWE might not have much interest in signing many, if any of TNA’s castoffs. This is potentially risky, at least where A.J. Styles is concerned, but recent history has shown it could well be a smart gamble.

Another Long Bobby Roode Heavyweight Title Run Could Be Just What TNA Needs To Get Back On Track

I haven’t missed a single episode of Impact Wrestling over the past 5+ years. During that time I’ve seen a lot of different wrestlers, a lot of different storylines, different announcers, different timeslots, and different philosophical approaches regarding the direction best suited to ensure TNA’s continued growth. Throughout that entire stretch, I found I felt most confident in the direction TNA was going when Bobby Roode was wearing the Heavyweight Title. Going back to the early Beer Money days, I believed everything about Roode screamed ‘champion’, and his 256 day run with the Title did nothing but give credence to this belief. So why is it that TNA seems to be trying to give the championship to anyone in the company but him?

For Many WWE Fans, The Dolph Ziggler Era Is Long Overdue

I'm fully convinced Vince McMahon just enjoys messing with those of us who take Professional Wrestling a little more seriously than perhaps we ought. I can find no other plausible explanation for the burial of such a talented individual as Dolph Ziggler. With WWE churning out six hours of weekly programming, new and fresh stars would seem to be at the top of their Want List, but for whatever reason, the ball seems be continually dropped when it comes to the proper way to showcase the talents of perhaps the most athletic wrestler the WWE has seen since the heyday of “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels.


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