Times Are Good For North Texas Pro Wrestling Fans

Throughout the majority of my youth, Dallas, Texas was always a hotbed for professional wrestling. World Class Championship Wrestling was a consistent force in the industry, developing and showcasing some the biggest and brightest stars professional wrestling has ever seen. The ‘World Famous’ Sportatorium, for all its problem and shortcomings (being truthful, it was a dump) had a certain magic to it, and the action that took place in the ring was very, very real to the fans who attended live events and watched the weekly show on television. When WCCW went under, the void was left unfilled. Much of that had to do with WWE’s takeover and subsequent domination of the wrestling world. Some of it had to do with changing times. Several smaller promotions tried to step in and make a mark, with varying results, but none were ever able to capture the imaginations of fans the way the Von Erich boys and World Class was able to do.

As someone who grew up on local pro wrestling, I was extremely pleased when I discovered a  promotion just a short drive up Highway 75 to Sherman, TX. I attended my first NWA Texoma show last month, and if you didn’t catch the article I wrote on the show, jump back a few posts and give it a read. It was a fun show, as was their show this past Friday. With a roster of talented performers, including current NWA champions, Kahagas and Carson, and current ACW American Joshi Champion, Barbi Hayden, NWA Texoma delivers an entertaining, family-friendly product. The aforementioned Carson and Hayden appear to possess the tools and that ever-elusive ‘it’ factor needed to become huge stars. Both are antagonistic and cocky, both can ‘go’ in the ring, and both have a great look. The few times I’ve seen them, they’ve been nothing short of impressive. As for Kahagas, that dude just flat out scares me. The chops he delivers sound like gunfire and the crowd goes crazy each and every time he connects solidly with his opponents chest. If he had a Gary Hart type of manager, the way Kabuki and Muta had during their successful runs in America, he’d be a massive star.

My contentment at discovering NWA Texoma was through the roof. Finally, I had myself a quality local show I could visit each month, because as good as pro wrestling can be on television, there’ nothing quite like seeing it live and in your face. So, imagine how pleased I was when I found out there is yet another promotion coming to North Texas, CWF Texas. From what I’ve been able gather, CWF Texas is an offshoot of the very successful Championship Wrestling from Hollywood promotion. If you’ve not seen their show, you’re missing a really high quality Independent product. Knowing CWF Hollywood has at least a peripheral involvement in this new Dallas promotion not only gives it instant credibility, but also puts a lot of eyes on it. With their first show coming up very soon (Oct. 28th), and with talented performers like Kevin Douglas and The Manimal Bull set to wrestle on the debut card, the North Texas area is on the verge of having a wealth of pro wrestling options just a short drive from a hundred different directions. From the looks of things, “Business”, In the words of the legendary Jim Ross, “is about to pick up”.

Whether it’s Anarchy Championship Wrestling in Austin, Booker T’s PWA in Houston, or a host of other promotions putting on a quality show, there has always been a wealth of talent working throughout the State of Texas. I’m just thrilled the Dallas area seems to be picking back up where it left off so many years ago. Times have most certainly changed and professional wrestling isn’t viewed the same way it way when I was a kid. That’s to be expected and honestly, it’s completely acceptable, because it doesn’t diminish the talents of today’s wrestlers, nor the effort they give all in the name of doing something they love.

Having NWA Texoma basically in my backyard, and now adding CWF Texas as a next door neighbor, I’m geared up for all the great wrestling that’s to come. Who knows, the next “Iceman” King Parsons, Kerry Von Erich or “Hollywood” John Tatum might be right under our noses just waiting to be discovered. I look forward to attending the shows and finding out. If you’re in the area, come out and support the artform that is professional wrestling. If you’re not in the area, find a local promotion wherever you are and check ‘em out. Not only will you get a glimpse of what it was like before Vince decided to fire off enough pyro to stun a mastodon in lieu of consistent, cohesive storytelling, you might also find you enjoy the grittier side of pro wrestling just a little bit more than WWE would prefer. There’s certainly nothing wrong with any of that.