Will Matt Morgan's Time To Shine Ever Come While In TNA?

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan has all the measurables. Standing 7'0" tall, weighing 330 lbs, and filled to the brim with athleticism, I'm left dumbfounded as to how he hasn't made a bigger mark on the wrestling business up to this point in his career. At various times in his TNA career, the brand has given him some legitimate pushes, but none where they seemingly ‘sold out’ for the self-proclaimed “DNA of TNA”. The problem with really big guys is, if you don’t stick with them after that initial push, if you’re constantly in a start/stop/start again mode with their character, it’s virtually impossible to get the fans back to believing he’s a true threat. A big man can almost never be an underdog, meaning once you put him on ice, once you make him look bad against guy infinitely smaller, it’s double tough to rebuild him in the eyes of the fans.  

When Morgan returned to TNA after a rumored dalliance with WWE, things started out just fine, with him attacking a few wrestlers out of the crowd at house shows. Had it been me, I would have kept that going for months, with him ruining title match after title match, demanding to be shown the respect a 7 foot genetic wonder deserves. Instead, they rolled him back into the fold with a bit of a whimper. Then, Morgan began a run with Hulk Hogan, basically bullying him, even going to Hogan's surf shop in Florida and taking the robe he wore during the Freddie Blassie years. This angle had real promise, except whenever Morgan would leave the scene, Hogan would laugh, as if to indicate he was simply pulling Morgan's strings. I get TNA was trying to give Matt the rub by having him work with Hulk, but they made him look silly by having Hogan giggle to himself whenever Morgan would walk away. Why not have Hogan show some real apprehension at what Morgan had become? At this stage of the game, making Hogan look like a bad ass isn’t the least bit necessary. He’s an attraction, nothing more. Guys like Matt Morgan, they’ve gotta be able to carry this thing on their back into the next decade.

Several months ago, Morgan was then paired up with Joey Ryan and I again found myself hopeful, especially when Morgan came out in Hogan’s robe, but once again, it most went nowhere. Both he and Ryan are talented guys, but it was an odd combo to say the least. Despite the bit of exposure it gave got both men, it was eventually moved to the back burner, once again leaving Morgan in a state of limbo. He’s so much better than what he’s been given. I just don’t get it.

Last week, TNA had a huge opportunity to make Matt Morgan a viable main event player. With Aces & Eights running rampant,  decimating the entire roster, Morgan went the ring and offered to take care of the Aces & Eights problem in exchange for a title shot against current Heavyweight Champion, Bully Ray. Hogan then rambled on, said "at the end of the day" about 48 times, and declined to use Morgan, instead choosing to face Bully Ray himself. Had it been up to me, and obviously, I have no way of knowing where TNA is taking the story, but I would have had Morgan hit the ring during the Hogan/Bully Ray standoff, Carbon Footprint Bully in the face, grab a mic and tell Hogan, “If that’s not worth a title shot, I don’t know what is,” then leave the ring, likely to a huge fan pop and a stunned Hogan. Instead, the lights went dark, and 54 year old Sting appeared, baseball bat in hand, and helped 59 year old Hogan clear 7 guys out of the ring. Both men are as legendary as legendary gets in pro wrestling, but I haven’t a clue how them beating back the entire Aces & Eights crew, including the TNA World Champion, does anything at all for the betterment of the brand. My only hope is that this is leading to some sort of monster push for Matt Morgan, because it’s long overdue.   

Morgan’s promo much improved, he’s always had the athletic ability, so I'm cautiously optimistic TNA will finally hitch their wagon to the guy. I have all the respect in the world for Sting, Kurt Angle, Hulk Hogan, and Jeff Hardy, but we've seen the end of those movies a thousand times and they end the same way every time. TNA needs to build new stars, and from what I've seen over the last year, they have one in Matt Morgan. “The Blueprint” is ready, and has been for some time. I don’t know if he’s the guy to lead TNA to the next level, but I know there’s only one way to find out, and it’s certainly not by putting him in pointless tag teams and making him look like a chump beside a guy close to 60 years old.